Waterproof & durable

Our GIVE PACK mailers are made out of a strong, tear-proof, waterproof fibre. GIVE PACKs are made to last many postage cycles.

25 x 35cm or 21 x 28cm size options to accommodate different sized contents and return flat as a large letter. Secured with stitched seams and velcro. Shipping labels provide tamper proofing when placed over the flap closure. 

Designed to fit a variety of product sizes


Standard postage labels can be used and generally leave little to no residue. If they leave some label residue on the bag, this can be easily erased off with an adhesive eraser to look brand new again! – we will send a free eraser with each order. Tyvek is able to be recycled at end of life.

Add an extra map feature to each of your bags to increase customer engagement! Let each receiver know where their mailer has travelled! Download this template in our downloads section. 

Customer engagement