What are Give Packs made from?

Our mailers are made from Tyvek, a high density polyethylene (HDPE) polymer without plasticisers. They also have a velco closure.

Are they recyclable?

Though Tyvek superficially resembles paper (for example, it can be written and printed on), it is plastic, and it cannot be recycled with paper. Although Tyvek can be used again and again; it is 100% recyclable.

How many times can I use them?

Tyvek is strong and highly resistant to tears and punctures, so satchels made from it can be used again and again. Tyvek resists stains so keeping these satchels clean is easy — Tyvek is spot cleanable — then simply leave to dry. Tyvek bags are very lightweight, soft and “scrunchable”.

How are they returnable?

The business includes a reply paid address label with the order for customers to place on the mailer and return as a large letter size direct to the business to be reused again. Other return systems involve mailers to be sent back to the mailer stockist for “refurbishing” to then be resold to the business – however our direct return process is not only more eco-friendly, but potentially benefits the participating businesses financially.

Reply paid requirements

Due to the size of the mailers, and the position of the labelling, GIVE PACKS require an unbarcoded reply paid large letter service ($2.50 return fee for each article). For unbarcoded items, customers can place the label in any position over the flap closure. 

Can I use standard postage labels?

Yes! Dissolvable labels are an option for both the customer address label and return label. However standard postage labels also stick great and generally leave little to no residue. Bits of left over residue can be easily erased off with one of our adhesive erasers. DO NOT try to wash standard labels off – the label actually sticks more to the bag. Labels can be placed over the same area without issue, however if residue is left to build up, this may reduce the longevity of the bag, so a rub with the adhesive eraser to look brand new again for the next cycle is ideal.