The Newest Eco Friendly Mailer in Australia

Reusing packaging, reducing consumption.

Benefiting the environment, benefiting your business.

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pack n forth mailers are strong, ultra-lightweight, waterproof, and washable. Customers can reuse or return direct to you using our unique return system. Save money as well as the environment.

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Our first reusable mailer we have named ‘Give Packs’. We see them as a small way people can give back to the environment, by reducing the amount of packaging produced. They also serve as an act of goodwill between businesses and customers.

How Give Packs can work within your business

Customers are increasingly asking for and expecting environmentally friendly packaging. By offering pack n forth Give Packs at checkout, customers will have the choice of a reusable mailer. Customers may like to reuse the packaging themselves, or send back to your business for reuse. 


Return & Save

Our goal is to reduce consumption and therefore help both business and environmental sustainability.

Our return system allows for customers to return the mailer direct back to you as a large letter. 

You may wish to absorb the cost of the GIVE PACK at checkout or have the customer cover this cost. In the case the the customer covers this cost, the following process would occur. 

  1. Customer chooses eco-friendly mailer option in checkout and pays extra in postage. 
  2. You include a reply paid label with the order. 
  3. If the customer returns the mailer ($2.50 reply paid), you have your mailer back for less than it would buying new. If the customer does not return the mailer, the cost of the mailer has at least been covered. 
  4. For each satchel’s return cycle, your savings increase. 

Add an interactive map to your mailers for each receiver to track its journey! Find template in our downloads section.

Our mission

Being in online retail for many years, it was hard to stomach how much packaging we consumed even as a small business. Customers were increasingly asking for and expecting environmentally friendly packaging. We started looking into reusable mailers for two reasons – to benefit not only the environment but benefit business too. Reusable mailers provide an opportunity for businesses to offer a unique eco friendly alternative at checkout. By encouraging reusable mailers, we hope to reduce the overall amount of packaging produced.

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Featured Supporting Business

Hannah from Hanscreative has ordered Give Packs to offer a eco-friendly option to her customers on Etsy.

   I have always been a lover of all things crafty. From sewing to crochet, scrapbooking and cross stitch, I wanted to pick up a new skill and that’s where I discovered paper making. Not only does my store offer paper bundles but notebooks, paper beads, paper tags and notepaper as well.
   I want other people to enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making it. I love what I make for this store. To create something out of what would be rubbish (office paper, newspaper, magazines etc.), I have a process of giving this rubbish a new life by creating beautiful handmade papers – Hannah